How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • The Collaboration Package (CPack) facilitates communication between users and employees by allowing posting of calendar events, messages on a message board, and emails.

Collaboration Section: Message Board

Message Board

View the Message Board

  1. Select the the  icon in the top menu bar to open the Message Board.
  2. Recent (in past 30 days) is the default view. Click All to display older messages.

    The message board is divided into 4 sections: 
    Alerts: a message that was posted as an Alert!
    Messages: a current message within today’s effective date
    Pending: a message posted with an effective date in the future. On the effective date, the message moves into the Message section.
    Hidden or Expired: 
      --- Hidden - is for messages that you have not enabled (good for drafts or future posting). 
      --- Expired - is for a message posted with an effective end date in the past.

Posting a Message

  1. Click on the Messages_button.png  icon in the top menu bar to open the Message Board.
  2. Click on Add Message  to open the Add Message pop-up window. 
  3. Enter the date range for the time period the message is to stay posted. (After the end date the message will move to the Expired section) 
  4. Enter the Title and Text message. 
  5. Choose Options: Make Alert!, Allow Replies, or Enabled so the message can be viewed. 
  6. Select Save. Close the pop-up window to see the message in the Messages list. 

Editing or Deleting a Message

  1. Select the message name to open the message.

    Left menu:     

  2. To edit the message, select Message: Edit on the right pane. 
  3. Make changes to any field on the Message Edit pop-up window and select Save. 
  4. To delete the message, select the [Delete] link.

Sharing Events

Once an event has been posted, two new tabs display. They allow you to share the event with other locations, users, or employees. See Sharing Options for directions on using these features. 

  • Sharing tab: Use for posting the event to others calendars. 
  • Broadcast tab: Use for sending the event as an email to others.