How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • The Feedback Section allows users to collect feedback from user and/or employees.
  • The Survey Design tool is easy to use with data fields for numerical or text.

Collaboration Section: Feedback on Surveys

Feedback on Surveys

Designing a Survey

  1. Select the icon in the top menu bar to open the Feedback section.
  2. Select the Add Survey tab to open the design window.
  3. Name the Survey.
  4. Choose Access (who sees the survey): Schedulers and/or Employees.
  5. Choose the kind of Timestamp you want on responses: Automatic or Manual.
  6. Choose Options:
    - Link to Employee (records employee internal id on response)
    - Allow Comments (allows comments in addition to multiple choice answer)
  7. Select Enabled. Posts the survey so it is active and can be used.
  8. Enter Help: This is specific information or directions about the survey.
  9. Select Save.
    Window refreshes and adds a new section below for adding Items or Questions.
  10. To add questions, use Name and Help to enter specific question details.
    - Sort (the number of the item) can be changed at anytime.
    - Choose Type: Single Select, Multi Select, Number Value, or Text Value.
    - Select values: If you choose Single or Multi Select enter the value choices one item per line.
  11. Select Options:
    - Required entry(recipients must complete the survey)
    - Enabled (posts item so it is visible and can be used).
  12. Select Save to add the item.
    Window refreshes to show the item listing.

    Item Entry Example:

    Result of Entry on Item List Summary:

Editing or Deleting a Survey

  1. Select the List Surveys tab in Feedback section toolbar.
  2. Select the Survey name to open the survey design screen.
  3. Select [Delete] at the top of the page.
    Caution: This deletes the design and ALL data collected. You must confirm to delete.

Taking the Survey

  • Notify your people by posting a message on the message board that there is a new survey for them to take in the Survey section of their portal. Survey links are not posted on the home page, so they need to be notified.
  • Schedulers use the Location Portal/ Feedback section, Add Result tab.
  • Employees use the Employee Portal, Survey tab.

Viewing Survey Results

  1. Select the Survey name to open the survey design screen.
  2. Results tabs are added to the Feedback section toolbar.

  3. Open the tab for the Summary or Details of the Results.
  4. Add Result: Allows manual entry of the survey items responses for any employee or user in the location. This is useful to add missing data.