How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • The Collaboration Package (CPack) facilitates communication between users and employees by allowing posting of calendar events, messages on a message board, and emails.
  • The CPack allows users and employees to set up email notifications on the schedule of their choice for Schedules, Swap Board, and Calendar contents.

Collaboration Section: Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Viewing the Calendar

  1. Select the icon in the top menu bar.
  2. The calendar view for the current month opens as the default. The current day is colored in green.
  3. Choose Day, Week, or Next 14 days for views.

  4. Select the List tab on the top menu bar to view events as a list.

Adding an Event to Your Calendar

  1. Select or select the day in the calendar.
  2. To add a single event, enter the date the event is to be posted. Type the date or use the calendar popup.

  3. To add a recurring event, enter both the start and end date. Select from the drop down list [All] the specific day of the week or date you want the event to reoccur.

  4. Enter the Times. Click in the box for the time-picker popup to appear.

  5. Enter the Title and the Notes field text about the event.

  6. Select Save. Close the pop-up window to see the event on the calendar.

Editing or Deleting the Event

  1. You can delete events you have posted. Users, with the assigned role, can delete events posted by others.
  2. Hover over the posted event and a delete (X) appears on the right.
  3. Select the event name to open the Event window for editing.
    A [Delete] button displays on the bottom of the window.

Sharing Events

Once an event has been posted, two new tabs display. They allow you to share the event with other locations, users, or employees. See Sharing Options for directions on using these features. 

  • Sharing tab: Use for posting the event to others calendars. 
  • Broadcast tab: Use for sending the event as an email to others.