How Does This Functionality Help You?
  • Summary shows all time clocking for a day, week, or pay period.
  • Provides real-time and historical analysis of actual time clocking.

Time & Attendance Section: Review

The Time & Attendance section includes several sections, including the Review section. See below.

Review Section: Actuals
The Review section includes a link that displays Actual time clocking.

Actuals Window

The Actuals summary window allows you to browse time entries. It lists all timesheets by selected day, week, or pay period.

  • Default opens to current Day. Click on Week or Pay Period to change view.

  •   List is sorted alphabetical by employee. Click on Name arrow to sort ascending or descending.

  • List is grouped by Employee. Click on the down arrow next to Employee name to collapse or expand detail list of time entries. In the Example below, Bob B is collapsed; Dan B is expanded for detail.

  • Click on Filter () to filter list to one employee. Choose the employee from the drop down list; click Set Filter to apply the filter.

  • The page refreshes with only time entries for the chosen employee.
    Note: The filter applied is displayed at the top.

  • Totals at bottom of page displays the count of time entries and hours. 
    Note: Hours are not included until a clock off.

Using Column Filters

  • Click on the Customize Tab in top menu, choose Show Filter.

  • This adds the filter options to your columns.

  • Type filters: All, admin, clock, or card time entries. 
  • Specific date, On time, or Off time: use calendar or time picker popup.
  • Hours filters: Click on the filter symbol to get drop down list of choices.
  • Filter examples:
    - For non-error entries: Filter Total Column > 0
    - For Paid hours: Filter Regular Column > 0
    - For Un-Paid hours: Filter Unpaid Column > 0
    - For Leave hours: Filter Leave Column > 0
    - For hours over 20, enter 20 in the number box and choose filter for Greater Than.
Editing Time Entry

Edit time entry by clicking on the blue link in the Type Column. This opens the Clock Entry form for editing.

Export Data Links

  •   Export to Excel.
  •   Export to CSV file. (Save to desktop and open in Word or notepad).