Time Menu Structure

There are three major sections in the Time & Attendance module. The following is an index of the menu contents in each section.


Use the following tools to review daily time entries.

Issues: Manage issues with clocking.

  • Issues can be Alert Manager, Errors, Exceptions, or Attendance.
  • Grid identifies Issue type and status.
  • Time entries can be managed from this page.

Actuals: Browse time entries.

  • Summary page list of all timesheets by day, week, or pay period.
  • Icon links to other sections:

     New links that allow navigation from the Actuals page to employee contact information, schedule information, and the time sheet.
    Access link to open the time entry edit form to manage time entry.

Exceptions: Find and fix time entry exceptions.

  • Filter option by exception type.
  • View by day, week, or pay period.

Headcounts: View real-time headcount Plan versus Actuals. 
  • View by 60, 30, 15 minute time slots/

  • View headcounts by Variance, Schedule, or Time.

Variance: Analyze Plan versus Actual totals.

  • Summary by employee of total hours for Scheduled, Actual, and Variance.
  • View by day, week, or pay period.
  • Sort by column selected.
  • Export link to Excel or CSV file.
  • Icon links to employee contact information, schedule, or timesheet.

Absent/On: List Plan versus Actual for locations, employees, and dates. Provides a comparison of scheduled and actuals for quick identification of problems in schedules and/or timesheets.

  • Summary by Employee of Schedule vs. Actual time clocking and exceptions.
  • View by day, week, or pay period.
  • Sort by employee or type of exception.
  • Icon links to employee contact information, schedule, or timesheet.
  • [Assign] link to navigate to Schedule shift reassign pop-up.
  • Links to open and manage individual time entry.
  • Link to Add Time Entry for an employee .

Pay Period

Use the following tools to finalize pay periods.

Summary: A quick summary of the pay period. Bar Chart displays the following for the entire pay period:

  • The total hours by day.
  • The attendance exceptions by type: absent, not scheduled, early in, late in, early out, and late out.
  • Status of unresolved errors: number of Errors, Open clocks, over 24hours.
  • How many time sheets have already been locked and/or approved.
  • Clicking on the bar graph will navigate the user to more detailed information in each of the above.

Approvals: Perform approvals by timesheet and location. A new page that allows mass lock and approve of timesheets.

  • Summary table by employee of approvals; number of time entries in status of open, error, void, and valid; total hours by category.
  • Icon links to employee contact information, schedule, or timesheet.
  • Filter options for each column.
  • Lock and approve individual timesheets or by location.
  • Actions Tab to: Lock, Approve, and Unlock for all timesheets.
    Note: When timesheets were not approved due to errors on timesheets, header on page shows “HAS ERRORS” in red.

Timesheets: View and Edit individual timesheets.

  • Ability to choose Pay Period timesheets to view.
  • Last name search box to view an employee timesheet.
  • Scroll arrow options to scroll timesheets and navigate alphabetically.
  • Icon links to view employee contact information and schedule pop-ups.
  • Ability for administrator to "Clock On” the employee thus creating a "CLOCK" entry for an employee.
  • Ability for administrator to "Add Time Entry" thus creating a "Admin" entry for that employee.

Print/Sheets: Print one timesheet per employee.

  • Load: To view timesheet summary for each employee. Timesheet shows employee approval with date and time stamp.
  • Print: To automatically print one timesheet per page.


Use the reports tools to generate the following automatic reports: Roll Ups, Attendance, Attendance by Location, and Overtime Estimator. Use Designs to access custom-designed time reports.

Roll Ups:  Allows creating summaries and totals for time related data.

  • Summarize by: Project, Project/Task, Activity, Day, or Employee.
  • Show totals for: Entry hours or Calculated Hours
  • Export link to Excel or CSV file.
Attendance: Attendance roll up by employee.

Attendance by Location: Attendance roll up by location. (Location portal roll up report)

Designs: Allows access to custom designed time reports that have been created in the Reports section. Read only.