How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • A Kiosk portal on a dedicated computer allows employees to clock on and clock off without signing into their individual employee portal.
  • A badge swipe or fingerprint reader, hooked up to the computer, allows employees to clock on and clock off with an external device.

About a Kiosk

  • You must have a different computer available for each location that you want a Kiosk clock running. Label the computers so employees know which computer to sign in on for their location.
  • Each employee must have been assigned an External ID number in the Enterprise Portal.
  • If you elect to use an external reader device, it must be installed and configured by your internal IT department.

Setting Up the Kiosk

  1. Sign in to the Location portal. 
    - Open the Admin Section.
    - Click on the Unique ID link in the left menu. 
    - Click on the New button to generate a unique ID.
    - Highlight and Copy the ID number that is created in the text box.

  2. Open a New browser and enter the following URL:
    - The following window opens.
    - Enter the Unique ID in the blank provided (that you previously copied from the location Globally Unique ID text box).
    - If you are using an external device, select the check box for Swipe & Go.

    Check Location Time Settings
    Important: You must have the Location time settings in the Enterprise portal set to allow Clock to display the Kiosk logon page. Go to Locations and select a location. Go to Time > Setup Time & Rules. Select the check box for Clock. 

    - Click Submit. The TeamWork Kiosk Employee window displays.
    Note that the Location is listed at the bottom of the page.

  3. Employee Clock On and Clock Off
    - The employee enters their External ID number either in the yellow box or using the screen key pad. (Or using external connected device). 
    - The employee selects Submit.
      --- If the Swipe and Go option was selected, the page refreshes showing the employee has clocked on.
      --- If the Swipe and Go option was not selected, the employee must choose their project and task to clock on.
    - The employee can select done to immediately return to the logon page for the next employee entry.
    - If the employee does not select done, the page automatically returns to the logon page in a few seconds.
    - The employee follows the same procedure to Clock Off. 

    Check Employee Kiosk Code
    Important: The External ID number field is used as the Kiosk Clock On code. It must be entered in the Enterprise portal for each employee on the Employee Info window.
    To enter or verify an employee External ID in the Enterprise portal, go to Employees and select an employee name. Go to Edit > Personal.
    - The employee External ID number displays in the Location portal on the Employee Info window. To view, go to Employees and select an employee name. Go to Edit > Personal. Give the employee the External ID since it is their Kiosk code.
    - See example below. External ID is the Kiosk code: 3300

You can set up a Globally Unique ID (GUID) for a location from either the Enterprise portal or the Location portal as described in the procedure above. To set a GUID up from the Enterprise portal:
  • Log in to the Enterprise portal.
  • Go to Locations and select a location.
  • Select Location > Globally Unique ID (GUID) and follow the same procedure.

A Location portal user must be given role permissions for access to the Location portal Admin section to either create or see the location GUID menu.