How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Consistent functionality for the time section in user interface.
  • Multiple levels of access points to navigate between time sections.
  • Timesheets have the same view in all three portals.


  • Click on the icons to access information. 
  • Hover over the icon to get a text description of what it 
  • Icons in Time Section: displays information 

    Select Icon


    display employee's contact information

    display employee's three-week schedule

    display employee's timesheet

    filter data. Enter a number and then select the filtering option you want to apply using that number.

    export data in a window to an Excel file

    export data in a window to a CSV file

    display employee's time entry in error status

    display employee's time entry in void status

    display employee's entry with note. Hover over the icon to view the note contents.

    display employee's time entry selected to alert the manager

    display ScheduleSource Helpdesk to enter a new ticket

  • Icons in Pay Period on Approval window: indicates timesheet status.

    Icon displays

    when time sheet status is


    Not Locked


    Not Approved

Grid Features

  • Columns can be Sorted, Reordered, Resized, or Filtered.

    - To Sort: Hover over column header until you get a finger pointer. Click to sort. Arrow on sort switches between ascending/descending.
    - To Reorder: Click on column name and drag to new position.
    - To Filter: Clink on Filter Link, select option from drop-down list.
  • Headers are Static for some grids. 
  • Paging is supported. 
  • Navigation to view data by Day, Week, or Pay Periods. 
  • Grouping and Ungrouping is supported in some grids.
    - Available if there is a group header bar:
    - To Group: Hover over column header until you get a 4-directional arrow displaying ‘drag to group’. Drag column to group bar.
    - This removes the column from the grid and adds a group header.
    - To Ungroup: Drag column name from header bar back to the grid and place it at position to be inserted as a grid column.

  • Common Filter applies to all grids. Thus a filter applied stays when you move to other tabs.
  • Can be accessed either by Filter tab in menu bar or Filter link on top right of the grid page.

Customize Tab

  • Apply filters that are specific to the window or report. 
  • Access to Design Mode.

Design Mode

  • Design your own grid view by choosing columns you want displayed.
  • Save Design to save grouping, sorting, columns layout, and column filters.
  • Applies only to Actual and Exceptions. (To Access, go to Review and select either Actuals or Exceptions. The Design Mode does apply to Headcounts, Variance, Absent/On, or Photos.)