How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Summary shows all time entries that have an exception to be reviewed.
  • Filters allow viewing exceptions by type.

Time & Attendance Section: Review

The Time & Attendance section includes several sections, including the Review section. See below.

Review Section: Exceptions
The Review section includes a link that displays Exceptions.

Exceptions Window
The Exceptions window allows you to find and fix time entries. Summary window lists clocking with exceptions by selected day, week, or pay period.

  • Default opens to current Day. Click on Week or Pay Period to change view. 

  • Group by column and/or sort by column for desired view.

  • Click on Filter () to filter list to one employee. Choose the employee from the drop down list. Click Set Filter to apply the filter.

    - The page refreshes with only time entries for the chosen employee.
      Note: The filter applied is displayed at the top.
    Totals at bottom of page displays the count of time entries and hours
      Note: Hours are not included until a clock off.

View Exceptions by Type

Choose type and select Apply. The following include Types.


  • Default is All to show all open clocks.
  • Set to None if you do not want to show open clocks in the summary.


  • Default is 24 to show all time entries over 24 hours.
  • Set to None if you do not want to show these entries in the summary.


  • Default is All to display entries with all types of errors.
  • Select Error = Valid to filter display to only non-error entries.

Editing Time Entry

Edit time entry by clicking on the blue link in the Type Column. This opens the Clock Entry form for editing.

Export Data Links

  •   Export to Excel.
  •   Export to CSV file. (Save to desktop and open in Word or notepad).