Navigating in TeamWork

Top Menu Bar

  • Click on the section title to open the section. 
  • Each section opens with a left bar menu for navigating in the section 
  • Sections visible in your menu bar are controlled by your organization.

Left Menu Bar - Individual Section Navigation

  • Menu Tab – contains Tools and List of contents. 
  • Options Tab – contains filter and display options. 
  • Filters applied are listed for you. Example above: Status=Active 
  • Select a Link name to open in the right pane with tabs for managing data. 
  • Link that is opened is highlighted.

Right Pane - Data Management Tabs

  • Top right pane menu tabs open subsections to manage data.

Home Page - Enterprise Manager Summary

  • Use for quick review of daily information.

  • Blue links allows direct access to the sections displayed.

  • Select the Organization Name, in the top left corner, to return to the Home Page at any time.

Global Operating Tips for Navigating

Blue Links Are Active

Blue links on the right pane are active. Use them to drill down and open the data page. The data page opens in the right pane. For example, the Employees link expands to Employees data.

Refresh Data Icon

  • Use to refresh the left menu so data added is visible in lists.

Entering Data Shortcuts

  • You can drop and drag into field entry boxes from any Excel spreadsheet. 
  • You can copy and paste from any document into a field entry box.

Print Options

Every page can be printed.

  • Print link – opens your printer screen to print the open right side page.
  • You can also choose Print from your Browser menu or use CTRL P to open your printer.
  • Choose preview to resize and format page before printing.
  • Reports Section –Customize your reports before printing using Styles.

Selecting Multiple Items from Lists Using a Keyboard

  • To choose several items grouped together: Click on the 1st item, hold down the Shift Key, click on the Last item. This selects all items in-between.
  • To choose items separately: Click on the first item, hold down the CTRL key while individually clicking on other items you want to select. This selects only the items you individually click on.

Help Documents & Support

  •  Help Icons on right pages: provide explanations of functionality.

  • Bookmark and use the Teamwork Learning Center in addition to these help card. Tutorials and help documents are posted at ScheduleSource Support.

  • Email ScheduleSource Support with questions. Please provide very specific details and screen shots when appropriate.