Password Security

When given access to the Admin section in the Location portal, TW users can check the strength of employees’ and users' passwords.

Important: The following criteria should be followed when setting up passwords in every portal.
  • At least 8 characters in length
  • A mixture of letters and numbers
  • Not a variation of the user name

Password Enforcement (optional)

The organization can enforce password management for users and employees.

  • Controlled in the Enterprise portal. Go to Enterprise > Organization > Passwords.   Scroll down to Password Management.

Important: Password Management affects all users and employees signing in to the Enterprise Portal, Location Portal and all Employees signing in to the Employee portal. You can choose to enforce one or more of the following options.

  • Expiration after a set number of days you choose. No minimum or maximum number of days is required. Will require a change in password.
  • NO repeats – Not a repeat of any previous password.
  • Complexity required – passwords must meet all of the  criteria  listed above.

    Your ability to set this will depend on your role settings assigned by the organization.


Password Use
  • The same user password is used for sign in to both the Enterprise portal and the Location portal.
  • Passwords are not required to be unique. Thus a temporary password can be used multiple times and initially issued to users or employees to allow them to sign in.
    - If password management is turned on, the system will require users and employees to change their password.
    - Employees should be advised to immediately change their password to something that is unique.

Password Change

Users and employees can change Employee passwords if they have been assigned by their organization. 

    1. Go to Employees on the top menu bar.
    2. Select an Employee in the left navigation.
    3. Select the Password: [Change] link.
    4. Enter the password twice.
    5. Select the Save button.
      A message displays if the password was saved.
    6. Test the new password.
      Log off and log back on with your new password or the password you changed for another user.

Video: How to Change Your Employee's Password

Password Reset

If an individual can’t sign in because they forgot their password, they can reset it themselves from the Sign In page. They must know their account code and username.

A password reset option is listed below the Sign In button.

  1. Select the Forgot Your Password link to obtain the Forgot Password window.
  2. Enter the required information and click the Forgot Password button.
  3. A message displays notifying you that an email has been sent with reset links and instructions.
    Note: The email is from noreply@schedulesource with a subject line of SSI Password Assistance. Check your spam filters if it does not appear in your inbox.
  4. Select the link in the email message to access the password reset page.
    The recommended criterion for a new password is displayed on the page.
  5. If unsuccessful, contact your Enterprise Administrator to change your password for you.