Release 2017.1 

Version 3

  • Redesigned Enterprise & Location home pages.  

TeamWork 5 New Features

Manager Portal(s)

  • Portal switching: managers can change between enterprise and location portals without signing in.


First cut at full functionality.  Actuals, Timesheets, Pay Periods, etc. are all accessible via the new UI.


  • Employees/Days View.  Lists all active employees with a column for each day in the schedule.  Supports weekly & monthly schedules well.  Shifts and leave are listed.
  • Shift/Details view.  Has a select list of shifts on the left with the shift editors on the right.   Honors the client-side grid filters from "List" view.
  • Filter by Skills.  Filter shifts by employees skilled at a station.  Every employee with that station is listed as well as empty shifts at that station.
  • Edit Shift pop-up supports edit, assign, split, and history.  (not separate pop-ups)
  • Split shift supports splitting into three shifts.
  • Tools / Shifts I/O can import shifts directly into a schedule.
  • Client-side grid filtering.  Faster and will maintain place on page after updates.


  • Stations now have 10 user-defined fields.