New features and enhancements available in the 2019.3 release.  These new capabilities are configured and accessed from the TeamWork 5 user interface.


Analysis Reporting 

A new report type enables custom analysis comparisons of multiple data sources.  Data sources include leave, schedule, time, and plan data.  The design allows selecting one or many data sources and writing custom comparisons (formulas) for display.  Hours or costs are totaled into daily, weekly, or monthly buckets, and the analysis is performed.  Each data source can be filtered independently of the others, providing for new and interesting comparisons (e.g. part-time schedule hours / all scheduled hours). 


Enterprise Scheduling 

Added the ability for users to manage all schedules and shifts from the enterprise portal.  This feature is controlled by the user’s security at enterprise but the user must also be deployed to all of the locations in which they want to add or edit schedules. 


This feature allows users to add ‘Plan’ templates. These templates are comprised of patterns of shifts.  These patterns of shifts can be used for building schedules, comparing a plan vs schedule or in the new analysis reports. This feature is only available when the user is within a specific location. 


An organization can now create a set of complex styles; different colors, bold, italics and pre and post text.  These styles can be assigned to either employees or stations to help more easily identify them in when looking at schedules or time pages.  Note: This feature replaces the color attributes on employee and stations. 

Start and End Date on Locations 

Added Start and End date fields to a location’s settings.  These field allow you to start and end location based upon specific dates.  Note: These fields replace the Enabled checkbox on location’s settings. 


Edit Location on Time Entry 

This feature allows an existing time entry to be moved to a different location. In the past, if a time entry was entered in the incorrect location, the entry had to be voided and a new admin time entry had to be created in the correct location. This feature is available for both employees and for locations and enterprise users.  The employee feature is controlled by an employee’s policy.  The user’s ability is controlled by their role security. 

Reporting Location on Time Entry 

This feature enables a second location being tracked on a Time Entry for reporting purposes. For a user to be able to edit the reporting location they have to have proper Role Security. Note this feature has to be enabled by ScheduleSource. 


Multi-Leave-Type Quotas 

TeamWork now supports quota balances for multiple leave types.  To enable a multi-leave-type quota, you must add a quota type that defines the list of leave types to subtract from the balance.  Then, when adding quotas, choose the quota-type rather than a single leave type. 

New Quota Balance Type (Check) 

Quotas can now support a “check” balance that is independent of the other balances.  Previously, all balances were additive, and more than one balance would provide more hours in the “bank”.   Now you can create a “bank” of hours (or multiple) to draw down as well as “check” balances to provide warnings.  


Leave Bidding - Pre-Defined Date Blocks  

Leave bidding now supports an optional pre-defined list of date ranges for employees to bid on.  If enabled, the employees can only bid the defined blocks.   

Leave Bidding – Hours Patterns 

A new leave hours calculator option lets an “hours pattern” determine the hours for each leave bid entry.  The pattern is a simple list of hours values, that will repeat over the dates of the leave bid.  Each employee can have one pattern.  An optional default pattern can be set and is used if an employee does not have their own pattern.  Hours patterns are a simple way to enable complex hours calculations per employee.