TeamWork 5

The following new capabilities have been added to the system.  

Schedules - Custom Auto-Fills

Users can now setup custom auto-fill processes.  A custom process consists of multiple steps, each with different parameters and constraints.  For example, you might limit the first step to filling shifts on Friday and Saturday, at a particular station.  Then a second steps could fill the remaining shifts.  This capability gives organization more control over the assignment process than ever before. 

- Fine grained control over auto fill process.

- User-defined steps with additional constraints and priorities.

Organization - Custom Attributes

In addition to user-defined fields, organizations can setup custom attributes.  These are not limited in number and now can be editable by employees.  Custom attributes provide additional information for viewing and reporting.  

- Available for Shift, Employee

- Employee editable

- Reportable

Custom Bidding (beta)

Need to bid for non-shift based items or assignments? Custom bidding provides a generic framework for setting up a bid for "items". Items are whatever you define them to be via name and attributes. Items can also have very basic day/times settings, but can also be non-schedule related. Employees can have any number of custom attributes within the bid. An example use-case for custom bidding would be bidding on "open positions" within a company. These might be geographically diverse and not related to day-to-day schedules, but require a bidding process for assignment.  (The custom bidding module will require support to enable and work with you on setup and training.)

- Used to setup and deploy bidding processes for employees that do not fit with shift or vacation bidding.

- Custom logic for filtering, sorting, and decicion making during assigment process.

- Custom attributes attached to employees and bid items for unique data elements.

Policy Component - Rounding Rules

For organizations with contractual rounding rules (non-FLSA) that are different from our basic "nearest" rounding approach.  These new rules allow for rounding early clock in's to the shift, as well as grace periods for the rounding.  (Custom rounding rules will require support to enable.)

- Clock Rounding Rules

- Grace Rounding (to shift start/end)

- Rounding direction (early, late, nearest)