Users can now define Programs and Goals from credential lists. Goals can be date-based for completion and new reports allow tracking progress. New credential setting to allow employees to add completed credentials.

Shift and Vacation Bidding
Time-slot bidding. Self-assign to a line or claim vacation dates.
Vacation date-blocks now support labels for viewing in bid selector.

Leave editor supports shift conflict resolution when granting. New ability to grant and allow shift conflicts.

Enterprise Settings
Clock by QR Code

Clocking Photos On/Off
GeoLocation Tracking On/Off
Employee View GeoLocation

QR Code Clocking
Define QR Codes by Client or Location for auto-clock On/Off in web portal.
Kiosk can be configured to support touch-less clocking using dynamic QR codes.

New interactive map to pinpoint location of Employee, Location, or Client. The map also supports locating by address.
New Time Report columns for clock on/off locations and distances.

User inactivation setting.
Single Sign-On now supports employee on-boarding.  Contact support for configuration.

New User-Defined Fields
The total user-defined fields available has been increased. Currently available: Employee: 30, Station: 20, Client: 10, Location: 10, User: 10.

Data I/O
Added import export for all availability types. (Global templates, Local/Date-Based templates, and overrides.)

Employee Portal

Keep-alive toggle to allow sessions to stay active, even if idle for hours.

Dark mode!  Once logged in, employees can toggle the UI to use dark backgrounds instead of white.