Question:  One of my employees or one of my users received a notice that they had a 'Security Breach'.  They cannot logon from the computer.  What should I do?

Answer:  ScheduleSource locks the IP address of a computer if a user has too many failed attempts to logon. 

In Version 3, The Enterprise Administrator goes to the Enterprise Portal/Admin/Security folder.  Open the folder and click on the 'IP Address Blocking' link.

You will see the user and IP address that is blocked.  The Administrator will determine if they want to unblock it.  To unblock, in the Enforce Column, click on the blue 'Yes' to change it to a 'No'. When the blocking is not enforced, users at that IP address can access the system.

No one can logon to that specific portal from this computer unless it is unblocked  So if an employee had a Security Breach from the employee portal, then no other employee can logon through that portal on this computer.

See Teamwork Learning Center/Enterprise Portal Help card/ Administration Decisions/ #1 Admin Section Overview

In Version 2, submit a ticket to ScheduleSource Helpdesk to have the IP address unblocked.  The request must be in writing and come from an Admin User of the account.