Left Menu Bar: Lists Folder
Go to Location > Specific Location> Lists and select Labor Pools.

Note: A labor pool list is location-specific. It exists only in the location it is created in, and is not visible in the Enterprise portal.

How Does This Functionality Help You?

By creating Labor Pools you can choose to fill the shifts in your schedule using a select group of employees that you have created a labor pool for. For example if you created a full-time and a part-time labor pool, when you use then automatic scheduling engine you can choose to fill the shifts first with your full-time employees. Then you can run Auto Fill a second time to fill the remaining shifts with your part-time employees.

Labor Pools

  • They are used in the scheduling process to build schedules. 
  • There are two types: scheduler-assigned or volunteer. 
  • Employees only see volunteer labor pools in their portal. 
  • Employees can be in multiple labor pools. 

To create a Scheduler-Assigned labor pool and assign employees:

  1. Go to Location > Specific Location > Lists > Labor Pools in the left menu bar. 
  2. On the right pane, name the New Labor Pool.
  3. Add an optional start and end date
  4. Check the box if employees can volunteer for this labor pool.
  5. Select Save.
  6. To assign employees to a labor pool, select the labor pool name.
  7. Choose an employee from the list on the right. Note: You can change employee assignments at any time by using the right or left arrows to move employees in or out of the Assigned box. And assignments can't be added to volunteer labor pools.
  8. Select Add.

Video: How to Add and Delete Location Labor Pools

To schedule using labor pools:
  1. Go to Schedules and select a schedule.
  2. Go to Shifts > Tools and select Auto Fill Shifts.
  3. Labor Pools appear in a drop-down menu. The list contains all labor pools you have created, both Schedule-Assigned and Volunteer labor pools.
  4.  Choose the labor pool you want to use to fill the shifts. Select Execute.
    The Auto Fill uses only the employees you have assigned to that labor pool.

  5. Repeat this process as many times as you want to step through the filling of all your shifts with your labor pools.

How do Employees Sign Up for a Labor Pool?
  • Employees sign into the Employee portal and go to the Availability section.
  • Employee can check the Select box to sign up for the labor pool.