Enterprise Portal

New Features - Enterprise Portal

Admin Section:
  • System Settings - Configurable 'Badge Number' Field for Kiosk
    - Code to  Clock on from the Kiosk can be configured to read from multiple fields as entered in the Employee Personal Information tab.
    - Can be set to read the ExternalId, Username/ID, BadgeID, BioId, or IVRPin.

Organization Section:
Note: The Policy Management module must be used in order to operate this feature. Contact ScheduleSource if you are not currently using Policies to discuss the module being activated.
  • Option to select a sub-list of project/task/activity by station.
  • Option to select default project/task/activity by station.
  • Functionality includes:
    - This limits the project/task/activity that an employee has available to clock on to by the station to which they are scheduled.
    - This affects all Locations.
    - This affects all employees assigned to the Time Setting component.
    - This enforces ‘Clock On’ only when an employee is scheduled to a station. It is not enforced if employees clock on when not scheduled.
    - This enforces time card entries only if the time card is opened by clicking on the plan scheduled hours blue link. It is not enforced if the [add] time card is used.

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