How does this functionality help you?

  • Allows identification of Days with special criteria.
  • Allows color coding of Special Days in the location schedule.
  • Allows control of days as allow schedule or no schedule.
  • Allows leave blackout so employees cannot request the day off.

  • Open the Admin Section.
  • Open the Lists Folder.
  • Click on the Link to open the menu item you want: Special Days, Special Day Types, or Leave Types.

Special Day Types

  • Used when adding a special day to identify the type of special day.
  • Fixed choices already populated are ‘No Schedule’ or ‘Allow Schedule’.
  • Types added by the organization will be added to the Special Day drop-down list to choose from when adding a special day.
  • Add any types of days you want to identify like Holiday, Business Closed, Inventory, etc.
  • Locations will be able to use these types when they add a location specific special day.

Step 1: Add Special Day Types
  1. Open the link for Special Day Types.
  2. Click on the Add Link.
  3. Enter the name to be displayed.
  4. Optional: Description – will be displayed in summary list.
    Color – will add a color coded header line to the schedule on this day. 
  5. Click Save. The page will refresh with the new type in the list. 
    Note: The type cannot be edited once it is added. It can be deleted only if the type has not been assigned to a special day. 

Special Days

  • Used to identify any day that the company determines is different than a normal work day. For example:
    A Holiday where business is closed. 
    A Holiday where a schedule is allowed. 
    A day where Leave Requests are not allowed. 
  • Special Days added in the Enterprise portal are available for the location to use. They appear in the location list, but do not have a delete option.
  • Each location can also add Special Days specific to only that location.

Step 2: Add Special Days

  1. Open the link for Special Days.
  2. Click on the Add Link.
  3. Fill in the Add Form. 

    Note: The Type drop-down list includes any special day types you added. If you need a new Type choice, stop and return to Step 1. 

  4. Choose Type: Default is ‘Allow Schedule’ or choose ‘No Schedule’ or other type created. An entry is required.
  5. Leave Blackout check box blank. Checking this box marks this day as a blackout to disallow employees to request leave. 
    Note: To Enforce the blackout, Leave Types must be used. See Leave Types Below.
  6. Click Save. The page will refresh with the new type in the list. 

Leave Types

  • Required to enforce blackout days entered in Special Days.
  • If leave types are entered, the employee will be required to choose the type of leave when filling in the leave request form.
  • The leave types appear in a drop-down list on the Add Leave Request form.
Add Leave Types:

  1. Click on the link for Leave Types.
  2. Click on the ‘Add’ link.
  3. Fill in the Form.
  4. Sch Hours: Check the box if this leave is to count in their scheduled hours for the employee max hours limit settings.
  5. Blackout: Check the box if this leave type is to be enforced for the blackout days entered in Special Days. 
    Example: Blackout might be enforced for requesting Vacation Leave, but not enforced for requesting Jury Duty Leave.

    Note: The dates that the blackout is to take effect must be entered under Special Days. The employee will not be able to put in a request for leave on any day where the date is listed in Special Days AND the Leave Type is coded as subject to blackout. The employee gets this notice: 

    The employee is able to enter a leave request for any day where either the Leave Type is not checked as Eligible for Blackout OR the date is not entered as a Special Day. 
  6. Click Save. The page auto refreshes with the summary chart. 

  7. Click on the name of the Leave Type to Edit the Leave. 
  8. Click Save to save any changes.