How does this functionality help you?

  • A public URL enables viewing html or syncing schedule data via iCal format without logging into the application.
  • A public URL can be allowed for locations and/or employees to use.
Enable the capability for a Public URL

This feature must first be enabled at the Enterprise level. Then locations and employees have the ability to create a unique id for use in public URL’s. 

  1. Open the Admin Section/ Configuration Link.
  2. Open the Enterprise Tab.

  3. Enable the feature by changing the toggle to Yes – the default is No (off). 

  4.   Click Save.

Result in Location Portal

  1. Users must be assigned a role privilege to access the Admin Section in the location.
  2. In the Location Admin Section:
    Click on the Unique ID Link, in left menu. 
    Click New to generate the location GUID. 

    - Click okay on the confirmation pop-up.

  3. This generates the links for both HTML and iCal format.

  4. When the generated URL is pasted into a browser, the result is a static view of all published schedules for the location.
    Test this location's public page:

Result in Employee Portal

  1. Employee must use the New Employee Portal (top menu access link).
  2. A new tab for public pages appears in their Profile Section:

  3.  Employee can now create their own GUID and http links for personal use.