Role definitions for the Leave Management module apply to users in the Location portal. Once Leave Management is enabled in the Enterprise portal, a Leave section displays in Location roles. The following roles apply to Location portal users. Leave bids are implemented in the Location portal and Employee portal.

Leave Section Access


Permission description

View Leave

allows information in the Leave section to be viewed; no editing

Add Leave Bid

allows adding a bid for leave

Edit Leave Settings

allows editing of the leave bid settings

Delete Leave Bid

allows for the deletion of a leave bid

Manage Bid Schedule

allows adding, editing, and deleting leave bid rounds

Manage Bid Status

allows adding and editing leave bid status

Commit Bid

allows performance of admin functions related to a leave bid

Manage Groups

allows assigning employees into groups for leave bidding

Manage Employees

allows adding, editing, and deleting employees from a leave bid

Manage Quotas

allows adding, editing, and deleting employee quotas in a leave bid

Manage Thresholds

allows adding, editing, and deleting global limits and date range limits in a leave bid

Manual Assign

allows manual assignment of an employee to a leave bid

Clear Assign

allows manual clearing of an employee from a leave bid

Reset Assign

allows resetting of a bid on the Status, Overview, and Selections windows

Invoke Assign

allows selection of manager invoked assignment on settings window

Manage Messages

allows adding, deleting, and editing messages related to a tour bid

Edit Leave Requests
allows managing leave including approving and canceling leave requests

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