Collaboration Section: Notify

Notifications can be sent to indicate when new Calendar Events, Schedules, or the Swap Board are available.

How does this functionality help you? 

  • The organization can set notifications for employees and users. 
  • This is useful if the organization wants the employee or user to get an instant alert (email) for changes to their schedule, leave requests, or swap board employee posted shifts. 

About Notification Profile Options 

  • You can set up a profile for one employee/user or use mass update to set the same profile for all employees/users at all locations. 
  • Global Profile – sets up the same profile for all assigned locations. 
  • Location Profile – sets up a profile for just one location. You can set up different profiles for different locations. 
  • Daily Report - send an email report for each profile that has the option enabled according to the profile's settings.
  • An employee or user can change their own notifications at any time and over ride any notifications initially set by the organization.
  • Instant Alerts -- Send an email when their's a change to the schedule or leave based on the parameters you set up.

Video: How to Add a Notification

Types of Notifications

  • Daily Report – receive an email based on the pattern and data chosen. Available to both employees and users.
  • Employee Instant Alerts – receive an instant email for:
  • User Instant Alerts
    - My schedule in the next 7 days changes - includes all changes to shifts such as time/station changes, reassignment, swapping, cancelled, etc.
    - POSTED shifts are claimed or removed by a manager – refers only to shifts posted by this employee (or posted by a manager for this employee). Includes manager approval of swap.
    - Shifts become available (Empty shifts are not included) – refers to shifts posted by other employees for swap or trade.
    - Leave requests change status – includes all actions taken by a manager such as Approve, Deny, or Cancel.

How to Set Up for Individual Employee or User
  • Open Collaboration section under TeamWork. 
  • Open the Admin Tab.
  • Select Notifications .
  • Click on the Employee/User name in the left menu. 
  • Click on Add link for Profile. 
  • Choose Global or specific Location. 
  • Click Add. 
  • Choose Notification Options.  
  • Click Save. 
  • To Delete: Access this same screen and click Delete. 
    Video: How to Add Notifications for an Employee or Manager

How to Use Mass Update

  • Mass update allows one GLOBAL profile to be set for the same for all employees, users, or both at all locations assigned. 
  • It does not allow setting a profile for just one specific location.
  • Allows to Add, Replace, or Delete Global notification settings for both employees and users. 

To Add/Replace Notification

  • Open the Collaboration.
  • Open the Admin Tab.
  • Choose Notifications.
  • Select Mass Update.
  • Choose Add Only or Replace
  • Choose Employees and/or Managers
  • Select Daily Report options
  • Select Alert options.
  • Choose Save. 

Video: How to Mass Update Notifications for Managers and Employees

Mass Notify Selection Pop-up

To Delete Notifications 

  • Select the notification to delete.
  • Scroll down and choose Delete.
  • Select OK.

Video: How to Edit and Delete Notifications