Left Menu Bar: Settings Folder
Go to Location > Settings and select Week Days.

Week Days
Controls the week day information used in building schedules by auto-fill.

  1. First Day: Set the first day of each week’s schedule.
    -  It is not recommended to change the first day of the week (start date of schedules) after schedules have been created.
    Changing the start date of schedules causes either overlapping days in consecutive schedules or missing days between schedules. Thus, some manual adjustments might need to be made. 
  2. Rank: 1-9 with 9 high.
    - Used by the scheduling algorithm to prioritize days to be filled first when using auto-fill.
    The days with the highest rank will be filled first. Auto-fill fills shifts from highest to lowest ranked days. If empty shifts occur, they occur on the lower priority days. 
  3. Business Days/Hours – Not Applicable for Location Scheduling.
    - Leave this field blank.
    Used only in Enterprise Scheduling to limit employee ability to pick up shifts from the Enterprise Swap Board to these location hours. 
  4. Maximum Head Count: Not Applicable for Location Scheduling.
    Leave this field blank. 
    Used only in Enterprise Scheduling to limit the maximum number of shifts a location can handle at one time.
  5. Select Save.