Enterprise Portal

Application Enhancements - Enterprise Portal

Locations Section:

  • Time drop down menu - Moved Project and Activities to the Time section and added a Shift Differential screen (for use with the Policy Module).
  • Location Summary window - Added columns to display Code and Status.
Reports Section:

  • Location report fields now include UDFs (Custom fields created). 
Collaboration Section/Feedback:

  •  Added employee to Collaboration filter.
    - Open a created survey
    - Open Results Detail Tab
    - Click on Filter link – a new filter displays to filter by employee.
Time Module:

  • Ability to not include terminated employees in the payroll export.
  • Absent/On page now includes column for Alert/Note/Clock Reason.
  • Attendance Roll up does not include inactive employees by default.
  • Attendance Roll up filters can now be saved.
Organization Section/Policies Module:

  • Ability to add a ‘Default Policy’ so that all employees will have a policy if a specific policy is not assigned to that employee.
  • Ability to add ‘Shift Differential Definitions’ which can be defined per location.
  • Time Settings by Location in Policies - New option so users can now tell the policy to use the ‘Time Settings’ that have been defined in the Locations section on the Time > Setup Time & Rules window.

Recruiting Module:

  • Users can now copy Recruiting Applications.
  • Upgrades to Recruiting portal filters.
  • Users can now change a Recruiting Person’s Application status.
  • New Recruiting filter that allows users to easily find persons that have not filled out an application.
Credentials Module:

  • Add Credential column filtering to Expired & Expiring Credential pages.
  • New Location filter for Credentials.

Location Portal

Application Enhancements - Location Portal

Employee Section:

  • User can filter Employee section by Labor Pool.

Template Section:

  • Totals are now available by Employee, as well as by Station, with a radio button for selection.

Time Section:

  • Absent/On window now includes column for Alert/Note/Clock Reason.
  • Attendance Roll up does not include inactive employees by default.
  • Attendance Roll up filters can now be saved.

New Features - Enterprise Portal and Location Portal

New Reports Section:

  • The default will be the new reports section.
  • Users can use link to go to the old reports section, which will be available for a limited time only.
  • Functionality:
    - All fixed reports in old section are still available. Nothing has been removed.
    - Streamlined Design Report process with new columns and filters.
    -  Adds ability to email reports to users/locations on a schedule.
    - Adds four (4) New Data Sources. 
New Features in Reports:


  • Favorites List on start page, in Report toolbar.
  • New List page for reports. Easier to find reports than left menu listing.
  • “Recent” drop down - quick access to last 5 reports viewed.
New Data Sources

For a list of all data sources and their field definitions, refer to Report Field Definitions.

  • Org Employee Credentials: Used with Credentials Module for reporting on qualifications.
  • Accruals: Used to report accrual types and balances.
  • Attendance: Used with Policies and attendance tracking.
  • Processed Time and Scheduled Shifts: Used with Time Module. Allows reports across both data source of Processed Time (calculations for OT, Differentials, etc) and Scheduled Shifts.

New Design/Chart Editors

  • Multi-select columns when adding to report 
  • Single-click re-order of columns 
  • Single-click delete of columns 
  • Single-click hide/show column

New Column Features

  • Column Filters - Ability to filter on any field in report AND save the filter with the report. 
  • Formula Columns - A column with a user-defined function. Can read the data of other columns if included in report. 
  • Hidden Columns - Columns can be included but not shown. Useful for having data available for formulas. 

New Filter Editor

  • Robust date filtering, either to relative date ranges or specific dates. 
  • Filter builder allows selecting field of interest before downloading data. Helps with performance for large enterprises. 
  • New filtering fields: Client(s), Labor Pools(s), Projects(s), Template(s), Schedule(s).

New Report Toolbar

  • Includes robust date-navigation in the toolbar.
  • Links to pop-up Filter or Style selector, without navigating away from report.
  • Quick link to add report as favorite.

Package Deliveries

  • Set a schedule to send packaged reports via email. 
  • Add multiple subscribers from Enterprise or Location users. 
  • A special subscriber "Location" sends the report to the Location's email address. 
  • Schedules are time-zone aware. For example, a 6 AM report is sent to location users at 6 AM local time. So, reports to an Eastern time zone are delivered an hour before reports are delivered to a Central time zone. 

Package Alerts

  • A special type of delivery where the report is ONLY sent if it contains data. 
  • Useful for EXCEPTION reporting. The report must be designed to return zero rows under normal conditions, but include rows when exceptions occur. Example: Absent employees in last 15 minutes. 
  • Alerts can be run as frequently at every five minutes. 

Self Training Guides

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