How Does This Functionality Help You?

  • Folders identify quickly the status of the employee for you.
  • Display options allow you to view your employee list filtered or grouped by your preferences.
  • Tools folder contains summaries and tools to manage your employee workforce.

Employees Section: Summary View

  • A summary of all employees is found on the home page for the Employees section.
  • Open the Employees section.
  • Select the Employees tab on the top right page.

  • A summary of your station data displays in the right pane.

Employees Section

  • Important: Employees must be added in the Enterprise portal and deployed to the location in order for the employees to appear in the Employee section.
  • Menu tab: Contains management tools and the list of employees.
  • Options tab: Contains filter and display options for the employee list.

Menu Tab:

  • Employees are listed in one of three folders based on their status:

  • Click on the + sign to open the folder and display the employee lists. Each is explained as follows.  
  • Pending – The start date is in the future
    Employee cannot be used in scheduling and cannot Sign In to the employee portal prior to this date.
    On the start date, they are automatically moved into the Active folder. 
  • Active – Start date is today or previous date.
  • Employee is eligible for scheduling and has access to the employee portal. 
    If the start date field is left blank, the employee is listed as active. 
  • Inactive – Status tab entry of inactive.
    Employee is not eligible to be scheduled and is not in any active schedules that have been created.
    - Inactive employees 
    cannot Sign In to the employee portal.
    The date they became inactive is listed beside the employee name.
    An employee that is given an inactive date in the future remains in the active folder with the date they are going to be inactive listed beside their name. On the inactive date, they are automatically moved into the inactive folder.
    See example that follows. Patsy Bennett becomes inactive 3/1/11 and is not available for scheduling on that date.

  • The organization is not charged for inactive employees, but is allowed to keep their information for later use.

Options Tab:

This allows you to control your Menu display with options you select so that you can more easily view your employee list.

  • Default options: The default settings are unfiltered and ‘group by’ set to status.
    The employee list is displayed in folders for pending, active, and inactive.
    The list is alphabetical within each folder.
    This setting is most useful if you need to identify employees in a pending status. 

  • Group by options: Displays the list of all employees.
    [No groups] – Employee list is alphabetical with no folders for status. Employees with an inactive date are identified with the date listed by their name. If employees are pending they are not easily determined in the list. 
    Crew – Folders are displayed for each crew that has been created. Employees are listed alphabetically within each folder. If an employee has not been assigned to a crew, they appear under a [blank] folder. 

    Alphabetical – Folders are displayed for each letter of the alphabet. Employees are listed alphabetically within each folder. 

  • Filter options: Displays only the employees that fit the current filter. 
    Filter to one crew: drop down list contains all crews you have created.
    Filter to one status: active or inactive
    - Select A
    pply button. Left menu automatically refreshes to the Menu tab with the new employee list displayed per the filter.
    The filter being applied is displayed on the Menu tab as a reminder that you are viewing only part of your employee list.
      See example that follows. Filter was set to Crew + Full Time