Upgraded the .Net Framework to version 4.8.



Added direct app messaging capability for our soon to be released (mid May 2020) iPhone and Android employee portal app.

The mobile app provides users (employees) of the “Employee Portal” with the following functions (subject to the organization’s configuration):

Shift Functions
See their current, future and past shifts.
Add and remove their future shifts to the Swapboard.
Split and merge their shifts.
View other employees’ schedules and contact.

Swapboard Functions
See available shifts, either shifts with no other employee assigned or ones posted by other employees.
Validate available shifts against their employer’s scheduling rules to see if the shift can be claimed by them.

Leave Functions
View their current, future and past leave requests.
Add, cancel or delete their leave requests.

Receive app notifications on their device when shifts become available, one of their shift changes or when one of their leave requests’ statuses is changed.

View and edit their personal information.
Change their password.