Several new Auto Fill settings and options are available in the current release:


New Auto Fill execute option:  Target Employee Hours.  Previously the Auto Fill would schedule up to an employee’s maximum hours.  This new option lets you target either Minimum Hours or the new (see below) Desired Hours values.  All other limits are still enforced, but now its possible to target these employee-specific hours values.

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New employee value:  Desired Hours.  This optional value can be selected as a target (upper bound) for hours scheduled during Auto Fill.  There is also a desired hours value on date-based templates.  This value overrides the employee’s default desired hours for the date range.


New Auto Fill constraints:

  1. Max Allowed Splits – this option will limit the number of splits (gaps between shifts) in a day.
  2. Max Consecutive Hours – this option sets an upper bound on consecutive hours for back-to-back shifts, in between splits.

Using these two settings together, along with short (1/2-hour or 1-hour) shifts, can help schedule back-to-back shifts with a natural break in between.  The Max Split value can help limit the size of the break.

Example result:        7-10:30 am (3.5 hours), (1-hour split), 11:30am - 3pm (3.5 hours)


Auto Fill Editor – the Auto Fill pop-up now has tabs to view and edit the settings and constraints applied to the Auto Fill.  This will speed up the process of what-if analysis for testing Auto Fill settings.