Our founder and TeamWork expert, Bill Hammers, is retiring at the end of the year.  Bill has provided support and training to thousands of TeamWork users and has been our most dedicated, available, and persistently positive employee for 20+ years.   His support team at ScheduleSource is determined to continue his legacy of dedication to the success of each ScheduleSource customer.


Roughly 25 years ago, Bill and his sons developed a desktop application called eSchedule to provide shift optimization and automatic staff assignments.   This application ran on Windows and was initially only available on floppy disks.  Bill mailed these installation disks, as "free trials,” nationwide and provided customer support for eSchedule implementations.  The timing was right, however, for a web-based application and by 1999 ScheduleSource TeamWork was launched on the web.  Bill provided the drive, funding, and positive thinking to make TeamWork a reality.  The application and company would not exist today without Bill's persistence and effort.


Over the last 20 years, Bill led our customer support team and traveled nationwide for training and implementation sessions. He has many fond memories of on-site visits and friendships he developed with ScheduleSource customers.  His focus on customer success meant if you called or emailed he would answer as quickly as possible no matter the day, time, or his "normal" working schedule.


Bill will continue to provide insights as a board member and major shareholder of ScheduleSource.  Day to day, however, he'll be focusing on his grandchildren, his farming operations, and the success of the largemouth bass population in his pond!