Staffing Models

New feature to allow daily survey data to inform staffing (headcount) models.  These models are usable in real-time to compare daily staffing levels to targets.  A survey can inform multiple models, and both the survey and the model can use calculated values.  Each model defines functions per time-span to establish targets.  The targets are for one, multiple, or all stations.  Models can include minimum and maximum thresholds as well.


Auto-fill OVER max hours (overtime)

The auto-fill form has a new option to allow scheduling above the max hours.  This option, when used in conjunction with labor pools, provides a mechanism for allowing & scheduling overtime for set of employees.


New Day / Shifts view

One-day list of shifts, across (or independent of) schedules. Select a date or navigate to previous and next dates.  The purpose of the page is to provide faster navigating and a more focused view of shifts.  


Template data in Analytics  

Analytics reports can now access template data (hours, shifts, cost) for comparison to schedules and/or time data.  It is recommended that users add a filter for one template, as the default scope is all.  The template will be mapped to any date range, as informed by the scope of the report.

Details Log

Viewable log of sign in's.  Data includes timestamp, code, username, success, IP address, etc.  This report is available under Enterprise / Sign-In's / Details.

Shift Assign Audit Columns

New columns in the ScheduleShifts report data source.  These columns track the assigned employee and hours when the shift was created, and the first assigned employee and hours.  Useful for creating reports that compare the current employee or hours to the original (or hours when assigned).

Report Section Updates

The Reports home page layout changed to better support filtering by data type, and viewing the list of reports.  The left menu supports the same filters on report data type, as does the Designs and Charts pages.  The toolbar has a new layout with the Export options and refresh links visible.  The Designs and Charts editor provides the same filtering as the home page and left menu.

Time Report Filters

The time data sources now support filtering on both Time Status (IsError, IsVoid, etc.) and attributes (IsPaid, IsLeave, etc.).

New View-All page in Shift Bidding

The new page lists the On/Off days for each line, over the full bid date range.  Useful for quickly finding which lines have certain dates off.