EMPLOYEE PORTAL (with Trading enabled):

The trade shift process includes both posting and checking shifts for trade.  The forms to do these steps were previously independent and required lots of clicks and pop-ups to check a list of offers.

We have reworked the shift trade forms to handle all the steps within a single pop-up. If you posted a shift for trade, then you are the "trader" and will work with the "My Trade" form:

The listed of offers can be quickly checked, declined, and traded from the new form.

If you are offering a shift, the you will use the "Trade" form:

To offer a new shift, click the "Make an Offer" button to see the shift selection form.  To check existing offers click the "Check" button.  To withdraw an offer, click "Cancel".

In the special case where a trade is directed with a requested shift, the "Trade" form will allow completing the trade.