How Does This Functionality Help You? 

  • The leave system organizes employee day off requests, granted leave, and types of leave. You have options to grant or deny leave requests.
  • Using leave management requires you to resolve any schedule conflicts prior to granting a day off request to ensure your schedule is accurate.
  • Leave that is granted is used by Auto Fill so that employees are not scheduled on days granted off. 

Employees Section: Manage Leave

The Tools folder contains the link to Manage Leave.

Manage Leave Window

  1. Select the Manage Leave link in the left menu. 
  2. The right pane defaults to all requests for the current month. 

  3. Use the scroll arrows to scroll to a different year. 
  4. The table shows you the totals for each month in the status column. 
  5. To see all monthly requests, select the number in a Granted cell.
    Example: Selecting the 
  6. The requested row indicates the number of requests that have not been acted on. 

Managing Requests

  1. Schedulers can Grant, Deny, or Delete requests submitted by an employee.
  2. If there are conflicts because the employee is scheduled for a shift on the day that they are requesting off, the Grant option does not appear.

  3. To resolve the Conflicts, click on the number in the Conflicts column. 
  4. The ‘Resolve Conflicts’ popup shows you both the requested day and the conflict in the schedule with the shift for which they are scheduled.

  5. The scheduler can:
    - Clear the shift – making it empty in the schedule.
    - Delete the shift – removing it from the schedule.
  6. When the conflict is resolved, the option to Grant appears.

  7. The status is changed to reflect whether the request was Granted or Denied. The employee can see the new status in the employee portal.
  8. To view all the employees requests for the year, select the name of the employee.

Granted Days Off

  • If a day off has been granted, when Auto Fill is used to fill a schedule, the employee is not put into a shift for that day.
  • If the employee is in a fixed shift in a template, they are removed from that shift when the template is used to build a schedule for the day granted off.